It's been nearly 20 years since I embarked on my journey to help businesses thrive through SEO. I vividly remember attending my first seminar, where the key takeaway was to create keyword-stuffed files for each page, hoping to capture what potential customers were searching for on Google. Just two years later, Google flipped the script, and over 40% of page one businesses vanished from search results. Imagine your website generating $10K to $50K per month and then, in an instant, it all disappears.

Back then, we overlooked the power of local listings like Google My Business, which featured seven businesses instead of today's three. With limited data and websites still evolving, our focus was solely on desktop sites. We were also caught up in debates about mobile websites versus apps, often steering business owners through these uncharted waters. As time passed, we adapted and realized the importance of mobile-friendly websites and, when feasible, accompanying apps. Through it all, we discovered what customers genuinely wanted.

Fast forward 20 years, and Google Business Profile (GBP) has become the most coveted spot on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Why? Because it's front and center, even before your website. People crave instant gratification, and the quickest way to learn about a business or a subject is by clicking on the top position in the GBP listings and then clicking on their website. Also listed is your phone number, address and store hours, all that information in one place. Still the majority of Google searches that land on a Google Business Profile will visit that company’s website. Otherwise, they must scroll down to find the information themselves. That does not fit the model of “instant gratification” in today’s fast-paced world. The burning question every business owner has is, "How do I get more customers?" The answer is giving your customers what they want “instant gratification” as much as possible. We ensure your prominence in the Google Business Profile listings, so your customers find your website and other useful business information  immediately.

When considering investing in SEO, which can be a significant expense, make sure your SEO company prioritizes your GBP. At My Local Websites, we integrate your GBP into our SEO strategy, leveraging every tool to ensure a steady flow of prospective buyers contacting or visiting your store daily. If you’re planning to tackle SEO on your own, focus on optimizing your Google Business Profile. Rumor has it Google is testing expanding the "Snack Pack" from three to five businesses, highlighting its importance.

Trust My Local Websites with your SEO needs and experience a transformative impact on your business. Let's ensure your local customers know who you are and what you offer. Reach out to us today for expert guidance in optimizing your online presence.
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